Schumer: Feds neglected to follow up on limo security enactment in spite of 2 NY disasters

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U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer says government experts neglected to follow up on enactment that would make limousines more secure regardless of two disasters in New York.

Nancy Dimonte, of Elwood, almost lost her little girl Joelle in a 2015 limo crash in Cutchogue that murdered four travelers.

On Monday, Dimonte, other unfortunate casualties’ folks and Schumer approached the National Transportation Safety Board to incorporate limo security change in its “most needed rundown,” which spreads out the real changes the organization will push in the year ahead. Those pushed changes incorporate safety belts, airbags, assessments and move bars.

Paul Schulman, who lost his 23-year-old little girl Brittney in the Cutchogue crash, says limo wellbeing guidelines are long past due. He addresses why limo drivers are not exposed to indistinguishable procedures from those hoping to drive school transports or fly planes.

Penny Casey, leader of the Long Island Limousine Association, underpins the families’ push for change. Individuals from the Limousine Association state officials ought to likewise sanction enactment to make obligatory personal investigations and medication tests for drivers.

Another limo crash in upstate Schoharie, New York, executed 20 individuals in October 2018.

Schumer says that when the NTSB incorporates limo security change on its most needed rundown, Congress will move to pass it into law.

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